Thinking Big? Nokia over the course of 150 years grew from small paper making beginnings to the leading producer of mobile phone hardware, and an ear-worm ringtone that millions are still to this day, trying to get out of their heads.  Today they gave up.  Game over. Two companies with an evolution of products which… Read More

A click will do the trick! So recently I read about this new, adorable little button that will make life so much easier, a Pressy. This 7mm button can make all of your everyday features extra simplified! Easily connected, all you have to do is plug into your smart phones headphone jack and away you… Read More

Phone batteries measure outdoor weather With the aim to figure out and locate the world’s wireless networks, Open Signal began gathering data on battery performance, since poor signal can lead to increased battery consumption. Using their Android app they were able to determine the metrics of charge level, voltage and battery temperature. Combining daily battery temperature readings to city level… Read More

So, a couple of hours after I publish the post on Friday, the Guardian reveal that GCHQ are essentially downloading the internet. All of it. Daily. “Mastering the Internet” they modestly call it. I suspect the Internet might have a view on that. How to Respond When they Want Access to Everything Simple: Time for some good old-fashioned British… Read More

It’s been an entertaining couple of weeks really – plenty to read during lunch breaks. Hacker News front page has been almost 100% Verizon+PRISM and snooping related stories since the original news of the whistle blowing broke. Reasonable considering what the Guardian appears to have revealed, but insane considering the near complete destruction of individual privacy over the last… Read More

Yesterday a couple of the news sites had a piece on Lone Signal allowing anyone to transmit a text message to the stars. “At Lone Signal, we believe that crowdsourcing messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence (METI) is the ideal approach to establishing a stable, cohesive, and well-resourced interstellar beacon on Earth.” “Lone Signal allows anyone with… Read More

Smart Meters – British Gas (Centrica), Eon and many more are at it now with more to follow I’m sure, introducing Smart Meters in to homes and businesses around the country. New technology? No, not really.… Read More

During the recent extra spring time snow from 22nd to 24th March (the coldest March since 1962 according to the Met Office, or if you prefer the joint 4th coldest on record), SARCALL the search and rescue callout system was used as follows, Friday to Sunday: 277 Activations by Police and Teams 865 Incident log… Read More