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World Text UK Office

UK Office

World Text has been supplying SMS solutions as partners with blue chip corporate businesses, SME's, governments, charities and rescue organisations since 1995. In this time we have become one of the most respected, resilient and innovative SMS platforms available.

With all our administrative and technical operations based in the UK you can be sure of who you are entrusting with your important communications,

Choosing a Bulk SMS, Two-way SMS or Inbound SMS supplier can be a tricky business, by trusting World Text's expert knowledge from having been in the industry since 1995, you'll be choosing your partner wisely. Liam, World Text


Don't just take our word for it, 999 Emergency Services sending SMS rely on us to get the message out, first time, every time. If that's not trust, we don't know what is!

Multi Redundancy

We not only have a multi SMSC setup with failover, hot swap and backup servers over multiple locations, but also multiple fallback routes of which to deliver SMS worldwide.


Are your SMS communications important to you? World Text has it's own software infrastructure allowing for unique services, greater reliability, and no dependence on a third party to maintain our systems. Unlike others, we are NOT a white label reseller and have full control over our SMSC.

Premium Routing

We use Premium grade and Tier 1 routing to deliver your SMS, giving you the reliability and confidence that your messages will be able to reach their intended recipient. Pitfalls of using overseas suppliers not based in the UK often include message delays, non-delivery, no delivery receipts, spoofed delivery receipts, no sender ID and poor support to name but a few.

Some of the team

There are a few of us here at World Text, to find out a little about some of the key people please follow the links below: