Smart Meter / M2M SMS monetisation

Smart Meters – British Gas (Centrica), Eon and many more are at it now with more to follow I’m sure, introducing Smart Meters in to homes and businesses around the country. New technology? No, not really.

This smart meters from First Utility are to replace existing gas and electricity meters.

Smart meters like this from First Utility are to replace existing gas and electricity meters.

M2M (machine to machine) communications have been around for years, silently chirping information about their system status, usage, supply levels and so on back to head office over the airwaves. Normally this is achieved by having a SIM card (yes, just like that which is in your mobile phone) embedded in the hardware – this then uses either data transmitted via GPRS/3G or traditional SMS.

Usually a cost centre for these units, with a monthly rental cost, data cost, SMS cost or a combination of all three, manufacturers of the units and their customers have to play off having regular up to date information vs the ongoing cost of these communications.

Smart Meter / M2M monitisation

Smart Meter SMSTurning these communications in to a profit centre is the wish of many which can now be realised in the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden with more countries to follow. SMS are directed towards a dedicated range of virtual numbers, with these securely passed back to your servers as normal.

Direct Carrier relationships enable these inbound SMS to be monetised through the sharing of the pre-existing interconnections fees. These interconnection fees are generated when messages pass from one mobile network to another – normally something which the mobile networks keep for themselves.

This service does not use special premium rate numbers, or numbers which originate from another country so there would be no increased SMS rates to pay and can come from inclusive allowances.

To discuss your M2M or Smart Meter services, their SMS needs, and how these can be integrated in order to create a new revenue centre, please contact us.