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Our market leading extensive standard rate Short Code coverage ideal for your bulk marketing SMS and to add inbound or two-way text messaging to your applications, services and opt-out compliance. Brand your service with an easily identifiable SMS Short Code, adding credibility to your SMS.

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Use this service to receive SMS from local users, and enable two-way SMS.

Integrate inbound and two-way text messaging into your business.

Over 100+ countries now available.

Market leading coverage and specialist support, HTTP, SMPP and SMTP (Email) interfaces.

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50+ SMS per Second

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What are SMS Short Codes?

SMS Short Codes are a 5 to 6 digit number (ex. 84101) that local mobile users (same country as short code) can send a text message to.

World Text SMS Short Codes are standard rate, so SMS sent to them are charged at a users normal local rate. We do not offer premium rate Short Codes.

Messages sent to the Short Code get passed to our platform, which we then handle as normal, passing back to you or your application over HTTP, SMPP or Email.

SMS Short Code Uses

  • SMS Opt-in - "Text INFO to 84101 to receive updates"
  • SMS Opt-out - "Text STOP to 84101 to stop SMS"
  • Branding - helps give additional credibility to your brand
  • Information Request - "Text 123ABC to 84101 to receive details
  • Marketing SMS in USA - Sending marketing SMS in the US
  • TV, Radio & Print advertising
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • There are many more uses than these suggestions!

Free Inbound & Two Way SMS Processing
SMS Auto Responder Cloud Computer, Free With All Accounts

Catch All

Catch all your inbound SMS and apply your Auto Responder rules automatically and real time, with unlimited rules possible



Unlimited keywords to dynamically route your inbound SMS with unique Auto Responder combinations for each


Quick and simple to setup, inbound text messages received by your virtual number are automatically forwarded to single or multiple email addresses. Works with any type of email address such as Gmail or your own domains.


Subscribers which have replied with STOP or END keywords to your message optionally automatically added to your own blacklist to ensure no future messages are sent to the number, ensuring you remain compliant. Manual adding, editing, downloading and deleting coming soon.


Flexibility for developers with the HTTP REST API, inbound SMS automatically forwarded to a URL via GET or POST, auto retry, auto failover to alternate URL and keywords. SMPP for high volume, high throughput direct to your SMS software or SMSC with no pre-processing.

Automated inbound SMS handling


Want to ignore SMS that have been received from specific senders? No problem, simply specify the source address (aka Sender ID) of the number or name and the Auto Responder will ignore all these text messages.

Opt-in / Out

Stay compliant and keep your contact groups up to date automatically using keywords with Short Codes, SMS Virtual Numbers and Virtual SIMs to opt-in and opt-out mobile subscribers, with automatic SMS reply to acknowledge.


Forward inbound SMS on to mobiles with dynamic source address of the original sender or static source address.

Reply automatically with a message based on keywords or a blanket reply for all messages.

Message fees apply.

All SMS Types Supported
Standard World Text feature

Binary SMS

Raw binary content SMS returned, used for SMS encoded such as Unicode/UTF-8, rich content and M2M content

Long SMS

SMS longer than 160 characters (or 70 if unicode) are supported and returned to you as a single message automatically

Unicode SMS

Also know as UCS-2 encoded SMS, which include languages such as Arabic, Chinese and some other special characters

Contact us to order » Dedicated SMS Short Codes Available

Country Prefix MCC Type Keywords Included Notes
United Kingdom44234STDUnlimited / Self ManagedIncludes Sky and Virgin inbound coverage.
South Africa27655STDUnlimited / Self ManagedOutbound SMS will have their source address overwritten with a random South Africa number, as per regulations in this country.
Netherlands31204STDUnlimited / Self Managed
United States1310STDUnlimited / Self ManagedMemorable Premium Short Code
Argentina54722STDUnlimited / Self ManagedMonthly minimum MT SMS 300,000
Austria43232STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Bahrain973426STDUnlimited / Self ManagedEnd user fee of BHD 0.05 (Zain/Batelco/Viva) BHD 0.03 (Viva)
Ecuador593740FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound SMS 0f £0.065
Iraq964418PREMIUMUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound SMS of £0.064. End user fee of IQD 360. It may not be possible to get the same code across all networks.
Ireland353272STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Latvia371247PREMIUMUnlimited / Self ManagedEnd user fee of LVL 0.05.
Lebanon961415STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Lithuania370246PREMIUMUnlimited / Self ManagedEnd user fee of LTL 0.06.
Luxembourg352270STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Poland48260STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Qatar974427PREMIUMUnlimited / Self ManagedEnd user fee of QAR 2.
Sierra Leone232619STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Singapore65525STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Belgium32206STDUnlimited / Self Managed
France33208STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Nepal977429STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Egypt20602STDUnlimited / Self Managed
United States1310STDUnlimited / Self ManagedRandomly Allocated Short Code
Bosnia and Herzegovina387218STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Kenya254639STDUnlimited / Self ManagedCompany must have a presence in Kenya. MT opt-out is required.
Namibia264649STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Russia7250STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Sweden46240STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Nepal977429STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Thailand66520PREMIUMUnlimited / Self ManagedEnd user fee of THB 3.
Romania40226STDUnlimited / Self Managed
United Kingdom44234FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedIncludes Sky and Virgin inbound coverage.
Armenia374283STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Belarus375257STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Dominican Republic1849370STDUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound SMS of £0.04
Swaziland268653STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Lesotho266651STDUnlimited / Self ManagedOnly available on Vodacom
Panama507714STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Brazil55724FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound SMS of £0.022
Colombia57732FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound of £0.012
Ireland353272FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
Kazakhstan7401PREMIUMUnlimited / Self ManagedPOA
Pakistan92410STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Philippines63515FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
Portugal351268FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedFee to end user of £0.063
Romania40226FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
Spain34214FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound SMS of £0.088
Ukraine380255FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
India91404STDUnlimited / Self ManagedExtended short code
Australia61505STDUnlimited / Self Managed6 digit code
Australia61505STDUnlimited / Self Managed8 digit code
China86460STDUnlimited / Self ManagedExtedned short code
Italy39222STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Benin229616FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound SMS of £0.08.
Benin229616STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Canada1302FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
Cote d'Ivory225612STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Mali223610STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Morocco212604STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Niger227614STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Rwanda250635STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Senegal221608STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Togo228615STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Armenia374283STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Belgium32206FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
Brazil55724STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Denmark45238STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Estonia372248FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed3 to 5 digit short code available.
Finland358244FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
Greece30202STDUnlimited / Self ManagedMinimum message volumes apply.
Macau853455STDUnlimited / Self ManagedMinimum message volumes apply.
New Zealand64530FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
United Arab Emirates971424STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Costa Rica506712STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Colombia57732STDUnlimited / Self ManagedInbound is free if there is a balance of outbound to inbound, otherwise inbound are charged at €0.025 per message.
Botswana267652FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound SMS of £0.093
Thailand66520FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound SMS of £0.048
Uruguay598748STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Canada1302FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
Jordan962416STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Nigeria234621STDUnlimited / Self Managed
France33208FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound SMS of £0.015.
Kazakhstan7401STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Peru51716STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Botswana267652STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Bulgaria359284STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Tanzania255640STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Zambia260645STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Cameroon237624STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Portugal351268STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Qatar974427STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Turkey90286STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Switzerland41228STDUnlimited / Self Managed
South Africa27655FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedOutbound SMS will have their source address overwritten with a random South Africa number, as per regulations in this country. FTEU inbound SMS are £0.01.
Saudi Arabia966420FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedFee per inbound SMS of £0.03. Leadtime is based on a unified code, if non-unified the lead time drops to 12 weeks as no longer requires CITA approval.
Ghana233620FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
Egypt20602FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedWE network is not supported.
Malaysia60502STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Nigeria234621FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
Thailand66520FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed5 digit code
Peru51716FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
New Zealand64530STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Montenegro382296STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Russia7250FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedRandom number allocation
Russia7250FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedBronze number allocation
Russia7250FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedSilver number allocation
Russia7250FTEUUnlimited / Self ManagedGold number allocation
Malaysia60502FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed
Thailand66520FTEUUnlimited / Self Managed7 digit code
Malaysia60502STDUnlimited / Self Managed
India91404STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Spain34214STDUnlimited / Self ManagedMonthly minimum outbound volumes of 5,000 SMS
Germany49262STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Honduras504708STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Canada1302STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Chile56730STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Croatia385219STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Ecuador593740STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Japan81440STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Malawi265650STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Qatar974427STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Guatemala502704STDUnlimited / Self Managed
Nicaragua505710STDUnlimited / Self Managed

Shared SMS Short Codes Available

Country Prefix MCC Type Keywords Included Setup Cost Monthly Rental Extra Keyword
United Kingdom44234STD1£ 50.00£ 25.00£ 25.00
Germany49262STD1£ 50.00£ 50.00£ 50.00
France33208STD1£ 50.00£ 25.00£ 25.00
South Africa27655STD1£ 50.00£ 25.00£ 25.00
Belgium32206STD1£ 50.00£ 25.00£ 25.00
Brazil55724STD1£ 50.00£ 25.00£ 25.00
Malaysia60502STD1£ 80.00£ 80.00£ 80.00
Denmark45238STD1£ 65.00£ 105.00£ 105.00
Romania40226STD1£ 50.00£ 75.00£ 65.00
Finland358244STD1£ 50.00£ 50.00£ 50.00
Peru51716STD1£ 50.00£ 50.00£ 50.00
South Korea82450STD1£ 50.00£ 50.00£ 50.00
United States1310STD1£ 50.00£ 200.00£ 200.00
Chile56730STD1£ 150.00£ 150.00£ 150.00
Dominican Republic1849370FTEU1£ 210.00£ 150.00£ 150.00
Pakistan92410STD1£ 125.00£ 375.00£ 375.00
Poland48260STD1£ 150.00£ 150.00£ 150.00
Thailand66520STD1£ 600.00£ 300.00£ 300.00
Ukraine380255STD1£ 600.00£ 300.00£ 300.00
Venezuela58734FTEU1£ 600.00£ 300.00£ 300.00
Vietnam84452STD1£ 600.00£ 300.00£ 300.00
Argentina54722STD1£ 125.00£ 125.00£ 125.00
Ecuador593740STD1£ 65.00£ 110.00£ 110.00
Japan81440STD1£ 350.00£ 120.00£ 120.00
Belarus375257STD1£ 125.00£ 75.00£ 75.00
Dominican Republic1849370STD1£ 125.00£ 75.00£ 75.00
Spain34214STD£ 150.00£ 150.00£ 150.00
Italy39222STD1£ 300.00£ 200.00£ 200.00
Ecuador593740FTEU1£ 150.00£ 150.00£ 150.00
Austria43232STD1£ 200.00£ 320.00£ 320.00
Bangladesh880470STD1£ 300.00£ 95.00£ 95.00
El Salvador503706STD1£ 380.00£ 150.00£ 150.00
Greece30202STD1£ 50.00£ 50.00£ 50.00
Guatemala502704STD1£ 350.00£ 150.00£ 150.00
Latvia371247STD1£ 900.00£ 430.00£ 430.00
Lithuania370236STD1£ 900.00£ 430.00£ 430.00
Netherlands31204STD1£ 50.00£ 85.00£ 85.00
Serbia381220STD1£ 50.00£ 60.00£ 60.00
Sweden46240STD1£ 150.00£ 50.00£ 50.00
United Arab Emirates971424STD1£ 50.00£ 60.00£ 50.00
Colombia57732STD1£ 100.00£ 100.00£ 100.00
Turkey90286STD1£ 150.00£ 150.00N/A
Uruguay598748STD1£ 120.00£ 120.00N/A
France33208FTEU1£ 50.00£ 50.00£ 50.00
Ireland353272STD1£ 150.00£ 150.00£ 150.00
Bulgaria359284STD1£ 125.00£ 125.00£ 125.00
Croatia385219STD1£ 50.00£ 75.00N/A
France33208STD1£ 50.00£ 95.00N/A
Portugal351268STD1£ 50.00£ 115.00N/A
Ghana233620STD1£ 150.00£ 60.00£ 60.00
Brazil55724STD1£ 50.00£ 50.00£ 50.00
Ecuador593740STDUnlimited£ 50.00£ 50.00£ 50.00
Mexico52334STD1£ 50.00£ 50.00£ 50.00
Panama507714STD1£ 50.00£ 59.00N/A

Can I send SMS?

You can send SMS to most countries using the Virtual Number as your source address (sender ID); this is what is shown when the message arrives on a handset, which will enable replies.

The Virtual Number itself is not used for sending SMS, so you would send using the World Text platform via any of our interfaces (which include HTTP REST, SMPP, Email to SMS or the Web Portal ) paying for the messages you send.