11 (or more) Things You Can Do With One Button!

A click will do the trick!

So recently I read about this new, adorable little button that will make life so much easier, a Pressy. This 7mm button can make all of your everyday features extra simplified!

Easily connected, all you have to do is plug into your smart phones headphone jack and away you go! Created by the Pressy team, their aim was to make those ‘simple’ 8 second long actions to take a photo or enable your torch, faster than ever. I mean what bone-idle kind of girl like me wouldn’t want a little button that will do it all for me?

Literally with the click of a button, you can do almost any action on your phone all you have to do, is, well.. click! Using the free Pressy app, you can adjust the ‘clicks’ to do any action you chose, lets say you mostly use your phone to take photos, you can use the Pressy button to let you take photos in one short click, whenever and wherever! If you want to use the torch then one long click, will allow you to do so! I don’t know about you but this makes my eyebrows raise, in this day and age, phone manufacturers are selling us phones without any buttons at all, and now this little fella comes along to prove how useful they really can be! Brilliant.

Just one click away…

If you’re not so down with the tech sides of things, don’t worry! The Pressy comes with 3 default actions to get you started!

• One short Click to toggle your flash-light

• One long Click to toggle your phone in and out of silent mode

• Double-Click to snap a photo

It couldn’t be any easier! Pretty much any generation friendly!

Fit it with the ‘clicks’

Some of the features Pressy can assist!:

-Take instant pictures/videos

-Start voice recording

-Change phone settings

-Turn on/off flash-light

-Check into social networks

-Record a phone call

-Send current location

-Toggle WiFi and Bluetooth Connection

-Instantly close all running applications

-Screenshot drawing and anything else your phone can do!

So there we have it! Get your Pressy today! and support the team here:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/556341540/pressy-the-almighty-android-button/