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  • 28 AprAdditional VSIM Inbound SMS Coverage Added!Networks in UK and United States have been added to our VSIM service...
  • 31 MarAdditional VSIM Inbound SMS Coverage Added!Networks in Cameroon, Gabon and Uganda have been added to our VSIM service...
  • 26 FebNew Coverage for VSIMNew coverage added to VSIM service for Tanzania, Myanmar and Jordan...
  • 27 JanNew VSIM coverage addedFull inbound coverage now possible for Kazakhstan for SMS via VSIM...

Developer Interfaces & APIs

Developers APIs & Interfaces The following APIs and interfaces are the most popular, designed to provide you with simple and reliable interfaces with our gateway. For further information or specific requirements regarding our developers APIs and interfaces please contact us.


HTTP REST Interface v2

The REST interface is very easy to use. You can test in a browser and use it via any programming language capable of HTTP or HTTPS. Read more

API Helper Libraries and Plugins

We have helper classes available for some of the more popular languages, and would be interested in any contributions from our developer community for other languages

If you have a wrapper library, for any interface, or don't see your favourite language please contact us.

We're particularly interested in Ruby, Java and Objective C samples, but would love to see any language samples.

In creating these libraries we have encapsulated the API calls such that you don't need to be concerned directly with URLs, resources, the API calls themselves, or processing the raw JSON responses. Read more

HTTP v1 (deprecated)

HTTP Interface Here for reference only.

Historically one of our most popular interfaces, and one of the most simple. Posts a form to the specified web address.

SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer)

SMPP Interface

For high volume users requiring the most robust method of streaming SMS to our gateway. Unlike other providers we do not charge for this connection, or impose minimum SMS requirements. Read more

Email (SMTP)

SMTP Interface

Perfect for everyone who uses email! We understand not wanting to have to implement new systems or software, utilising your existing email system this is the answer. Unlike other service providers we do not charge for inbound messages being forwarded to you. Read more

Email Bulk (SMTP Bulk)

SMTP Bulk Interface (PDF)

Send a single email with dynamic contents to multiple recipients, ideal for those bulk marketing campaigns or alerts. Again, using your existing email system. Read more

Example Code & Scripts

All the following examples are provided as is, they have all been taken from live working examples but may not include patches and updates, use at your own risk:

Read more


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