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Send SMS Text Messages to Groups

Developers APIs & Interfaces This most excellent part of the World Text service allows you to quickly and easily send SMS text messages to multiple recipients. Simply upload your list of numbers and then send the same message to the entire group from the web, your email, using the HTTP REST API or even direct from your mobile phone. Simple!

Keep in contact with staff, colleagues, friends, social groups or create groups for special events to keep all the participants up to date with information. These are just some of the uses for text messages to groups, we are sure you'll think of more!

1. Upload Your Numbers

Group Lists

No need to worry about storing your numbers on your computer or a local server, simply upload your numbers to the groups you create and we'll look after them for you!

You can create as many groups as you want, so feel free to upload every conceivable option ;-)

2. Send Text Messages to Your Groups

Web, email, HTTP or mobile

Now all you need to do is send your message to your group and this couldn't be easier with an option to suit all.

Web interface - Login to your account and send your group message from the web portal.

Email - Using the email to group SMS function you can also send to your groups with a very simple change

HTTP - Using our HTTP REST API you can fully manage your groups, and of course send messages to them!.

Mobile - Simply send an SMS from your mobile with your group name followed by the message to our SPECIAL number, and that's it your message will automatically be sent to your group - easy and perfect if you don't have access to a computer or data connection.


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