SMS Virtual Numbers

World Text offer unrivaled Virtual Number coverage world wide, enabling extensive inbound reach for your applications and services. Receive SMS text messages at high speed (upto 50 SMS/sec), with the reliability of Tier 1 mobile networks.

Use this service to receive SMS with a local number, and enable two-way SMS.

What are SMS Virtual Numbers?

Virtual Numbers (sometimes known as long codes, virtual mobile numbers & SMS Virtual numbers) are provisioned by mobile networks for the purpose of receiving inbound SMS. They exist without the need for a SIM card or a phone, offering superior reliability and throughput compared to GSM Modem services.

Any messages sent to the number get passed to our platform, which we then handle as normal, passing back to you or your application over HTTP, SMPP or Email.

SMS Virtual Number Uses

  • Two-way SMS chat such as customer services
  • M2M telemetry such as fleet tracking and monitoring
  • Customer comments and service queries
  • Responses to appointment reminders or deliveries
  • Staff information line
  • These are just a few ideas, the possible uses are endless!

Country Prefix MCC Inbound Coverage Notes Setup Cost Monthly Rental
Costa Rica506712Local£25.00£25.00
Czech Republic420230Local£25.00£30.00
Faroe Islands298288LocalComing Soon
France33208LocalExtended / special characters will be remapped to standard GSM characters£25.00£25.00
Hong Kong852454Local£25.00£25.00
Iceland354274LocalComing Soon
Italy39222LocalFull inbound coverage also available using our VSIM service£50.00£160.00
Malaysia 60502Local£25.00£25.00
Netherlands31204LocalCurrently unavailable due to restrictions by the Dutch Consumer & Market Authority. Contact us to receive updates. Partial inbound coverage available via our VSIM service.
Portugal351268LocalFull inbound coverage also available using our VSIM service£50.00£150.00
Puerto Rico1787330Local£25.00£25.00
Singapore65525LocalFull inbound coverage also available using our VSIM service£225.00£125.00
South Africa27655LocalCurrently inbound SMS from the Telkom / 8.ta network are not possible. Short Codes are currently the recommended option for two-way.£25.00£25.00
South Africa27655LocalThis number is suitable for two-way SMS (recipient can reply to an outbound SMS, but not send to the number first). Short Codes are currently the recommended option for two-way.£25.00£25.00
South Korea82450Local£25.00£25.00
Turkey90286LocalComing Soon. Full inbound coverage available using our VSIM service
United Kingdom44234Local£50.00£25.00
Egypt20602LocalComing Soon
United Kingdom44234InternationalSMS sent to these numbers may not come from users 'in bundle' text allowances£0.00£25.00
United States1310Local£25.00£25.00
Kazakhstan7401LocalCurrently unavailable due to local restrictions. Full inbound coverage available using our VSIM service
New Zealand64530LocalCurrently unavailable.
Alternatively full inbound coverage available using our VSIM service
Nigeria234621LocalComing Soon
Sweden46240InternationalSwedish number may be suffixed by up to 2 additional digits, providing an additional 100 virtual numbers£175.00£75.00
Bahrain973426LocalComing Soon
China86460LocalClient must have a local office as a business licenece is required, and authorisation letter written in Chinese. Alternatiely full inbound coverage is possible using our Hong Kong virtual numbers.£600.00£350.00

How do the Inbound SMS get to me?

In exactly the same way as with a Virtual SIM or Short Code.

When any inbound messages are received by your Virtual Number the World Text gateway will pass these to you without delay by your chosen method. Our unique Auto Responder will pass messages to you by email for low volume or HTTP for high volume. SMPP is also available for high volume, high throughput applications.

Can I send SMS?

You can send SMS to most countries using the Virtual Number as your source address (sender ID); this is what is shown when the message arrives on a handset, which will enable replies.

The Virtual Number itself is not used for sending SMS, so you would send using the World Text platform via any of our interfaces (which include HTTP REST, SMPP, Email to SMS or the Web Portal ) paying for the messages you send.

Who provides the Virtual Numbers?

Utilising Tier 1 carrier connections and interconnections, various mobile networks provision the Virtual Numbers giving extensive global coverage . You'll benefit from high speed (up to 50 SMS per second), quick setup times and unique high availability service ensuring you can rely on us.

Wholesale reseller terms are available on request to expand your coverage.
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