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  • 28 OctVSIM and Virtual Number Coverage...
  • 12 OctChile SMS Virtual NumbersTwo-way and inbound SMS now available for Chile via SMS Virtual Numbers...
  • 07 OctLatvia SMS Virtual NumbersNow available, SMS Virtual Numbers for two-way and inbound text messaging...
  • 03 OctSlovenia SMS Virtual Numbers Now AvailableTwo-way and inbound SMS Virtual Numbers now available for Slovenia...

Web To SMS

Web to SMSIf using our web site to send messages is your preferred method then we offer a number of web interfaces.

Web to individual SMS

This is the basic web2sms page that allows sending to single recipients, you can either enter the number manually or choose from the built in address book.

Web to group SMS

Group messaging allows you to define online groups of people that you want to recieve text messages, you can save multiple groups and send the same message to any number of the groups in one go.

Bulk messaging provides an interface to upload a CSV file containing as many numbers as is required, compose and dispatch the message.

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