Inbound and Two-Way Text Messages
SMS Virtual Numbers, Short Codes and VSIM Hosting

What is inbound & two way text messaging?

SMS Virtual Numbers

Known in the industry as MO (Mobile Originated) SMS, is where a person using a mobile phone or remote device capable of texting sends an SMS to a number (Virtual Number, Short Code or VSIM), and this is relayed to you.

Two way text messaging can be a little more tricky, often due to variations of how source addresses appear on a recipients handset (i.e. the number that a text message appears to have come from), which can be due to network restrictions or delivery rules.

World Text specialise in two way text messaging, allowing direct replies to your texts for a smooth and easy process to engage with your contacts. With multiple reply types and inbound coverage in over 130 different countries.

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Shared UK Virtual Mobile Number available to all accounts

What inbound & two-way SMS number options are there?

SMS Virtual Numbers

Also known as Virtual Mobile Numbers, Long Codes and Virtual Numbers. These resemble normal mobile / cell numbers, which can encourage replies if you are doing a marketing campaign or chat service with your customers.

Virtual SIM

As an alternative to Virtual Numbers, the World Text VSIM service offers all the same functionality, throughput and reliability. Enables coverage where Virtual Number may not be available, and of course the SIM belongs to you.

Short Codes

5-6 digit numbers are easy to remember for marketing purposes (opt-in and opt-out). Dedicated Short Codes can be expensive and take time to be setup. Shared Short Codes you rent a keyword only, this enables lower costs and quicker setup times.

Hosted SIM

As an alternative to Virtual SIMs, this service enables coverage where Virtual SIMs or Virtual Numbers may not be available, especially suited to countries in the developing world. This is best suited to applications requiring low throughput speed.

What can inbound SMS numbers be used for?

Hundreds of our clients put Virtual Numbers, Short Codes and VSIMs to wide and varied uses, some of these include but are not limited to:

  • Customer support
  • Delivery re-scheduling
  • Concierge services
  • SMS chat services
  • Information requests
  • Opt-in and opt-out of SMS updates
  • GPS tracking

How are the inbound & two-way SMS handled?

Using the original and unique World Text Auto Responder your text messages can be handled in a verity of ways, but key features are forwarding by email, HTTP or SMS.

For high volume, high throughput users SMPP can be enabled on your account, with your application taking over from the Auto Responder.