#HASHTAG SMS keywords for Text Message replies

Here at World Text, the Bulk, two-way and inbound text message Specialists, we are always working on coming up with new and exciting ways to further enhance your use of text messaging. Some of these great ideas stay hidden behind in the background, adding to the reliability and stability of our SMSC, but some don’t. Like our brand new SMS #HASHTAG function of the SMS Auto Responder for inbound text messaging handling and processing is something you can directly use and we are very excited about.

The new SMS #HASHTAGS are used as a method to identify specific content in the text messages you’ve received, and then carry out one or multiple actions using the original and unique SMS Auto Responder.

We don’t charge you for using the SMS Auto Responder, we also don’t require you to have outbound SMS to match your inbound (but you can if you’d like!). The SMS Auto Responder computer in the could is free for all our clients to use, always.


We are all familiar with the use of hashtags when using social media such as Twitter and Facebook, normally used to tag or label a post, grouping them with other posts relating to the same topic, so we thought, why not let inbound text messages received over your dedicated SMS Virtual Numbers, Virtual SIMs or Short Codes also be tagged?

When you create an SMS #HASHTAG rule in the SMS Auto Responder for your dedicated inbound SMS virtual numbers, this allows mobile users to include your #HASHTAG anywhere in their text message, and the Auto Responder will pickup on this and apply the rule you specified for the SMS #HASHTAG.

The SMS #HASHTAG rule could be any of the existing Auto Responder functions, these include:

  • Forwarding the inbound SMS by
    • Email to your inbox
    • HTTP call to your URL to interact with your server and application
    • SMS onwards to another mobile number
  • Opting in to or out of a World Text SMS Communicator Pro Group
  • Reply back to the user with your automatic text message reply

Keywords vs #HASHTAGs

The ability to us keywords at the start of inbound text messages with the SMS Auto Responder remains, and will always be the first rule we’ll try to match to. You don’t have to choose between using a keyword or hashtag, you can stack them together to perform multiple Auto Responder actions!

In addition to this, you are not limited to using a single SMS #HASHTAG, unlike keyword based SMS Auto Responder rules, so feel free to create all the multiple actions you want without the need for complicated programming.

If you have any questions regarding SMS #HASHTAGS or inbound text messaging, or to setup a dedicated SMS Virtual Number, VSIM or Short Code to receive inbound text messages, please Contact Us.