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The World Text Communicator Pro is a free, powerful and simple to use cloud (SaaS) Text Message Application. You can create and manage groups of numbers, from hundreds, to hundreds of thousands of entries, then send SMS now or schedule for later. All from any device that has an internet connection.

Add text messaging and two-way text messaging into your business.

Over 1100+ networks worldwide.

Market leading coverage and specialist support, HTTP, SMPP and SMTP (Email) interfaces.

Easy Use APIs

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20+ Years Experience

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Create Groups

Create groups for your numbers, include additional information to be dynamically included in your messages.

Using the easy to use web interface, upload your data in CSV format directly to your group. We know it's important to keep control of your data, so download anytime in CSV format.

Dynamically confirm all column names during the upload process, with errors reported back to you.

Manage Groups

Configure - Set default source address and templates. Change group name and setup PIN for extra security. Authorised remote group dispatch users can be added or removed.

Edit - Modify individual entries, delete and add to existing all without needing to download and re-upload your group data.

Schedule Messages

Now - Your message will be submitted to the World Text SMSC immediately and without delay or queueing, high throughput Tier 1 connections.

Later - Schedule your message to be submitted for delivery at a future date or time with fine grain control.

Repeat - (coming soon) Set your message to be sent multiple times at pre-defined intervals.

Auto Opt-in / Out

Create your keyword based rule using the Auto Responder to automatically opt-in recipients to your groups using SMS Virtual Numbers, SIMs or Short Codes.

Remain compliant and automatically opt-out recipients from your groups and send confirmation SMS.

Tracking & Reports

Query specific messages using number, Message ID, Send ID or time frame to find their current delivered status.

Report on historic information for total quantity of messages send per destination, per day, week or month.

Blacklist Manager

Subscribers which have replied with STOP or END keywords to your message can automatically added to your own blacklist to ensure no future messages are sent to the number, ideal to ensure you remain compliant. Manual adding, editing, downloading and deleting coming soon. (Reply number and Auto Responder rule needed)

Remote Dispatch

Send messages direct to your groups from you mobile phone using a *text message. Only pre-authorised users can trigger message dispatch.

Many uses for this include disaster recovery and continuity planning, event management and more.

*shared service UK only

API Hook-up

Hook up your existing CRM and database directly to Communicator Pro with our easy API hooks.

Create, populate and remove from your groups with straight forward secure HTTPS calls. Trigger message sends to your groups when you want, based on your own rules.

Start / End Alert

New feature coming soon - Receive an email and or text message when your group starts to send and also when the group has finished sending.

Perfect to help keep track of scheduled and auto repeat message sends and track when large groups have been completed.

Group Seeding

New feature coming soon - From your address book add numbers that will be randomly inserted in to your SMS campaigns.

Monitoring of your campaigns is important, this aids easy and automated monitoring to all persons involved with the SMS campaign.

Stagger Send

New feature coming soon - Sending messages to large amounts of people could generate a fantastic amount of response, but how will you handle this?

You can split up and stagger your groups in to equal parts with a interval set between each. Ideal for call centres, ensuring you have capacity for demand.


New feature coming soon - Create SMS templates, allowing multiple users to send SMS and keep your messages to your standard and format. Ensure no incorrect information is sent and that opt-out details get included each and every time.

Time Zone Schedule

New feature coming soon - Send messages direct to your groups from you mobile phone using a *text message. Only pre-authorised users can trigger message dispatch.

Many uses for this include disaster recovery and continuity planning, event management and more.

Validity Period

New feature coming soon - Take further control of your messages and limit how long the messages will be attempted to be delivered for (where available).

Set how long SMS will be tried to be delivered for, default is 48 hours. Ideal for time limited offers or alerts.

We know you want to get started quickly, we know you want all the features and functions of custom written text messaging software and we know you want it to be affordable. You can now have all this with the World Text Communicator Pro cloud SMS software, all you pay for is the messages you send, using the most up to date software possible.