Smart Tags – Customised bulk SMS

Customised SMS, mail merge SMS, it has different names and we call it Smart Tags, it means you can include custom content in your bulk SMS automatically.

It’s always best to speak directly to your customers, staff or teams, uploading additional information with your groups using our free Communicator Pro cloud SMS software, such as a persons name allows you to do just that. When creating your bulk SMS message simply include the corresponding Smart Tag, then when we send your message we’ll included that field from your group data.

You’ve created a group and uploaded the numbers and a column called ‘name’:

Number                  Name
447590123456        Peter

Now you compose the text message to your bulk group:

“Dear {{name}}, we’ve a great promotion to tell you about…”

When these messages are received they will have been automatically personalised to the recipient, so Peter will have had a message saying:

“Dear Peter, we’ve a great promotion to tell you about…”

The example above using ‘name’ data is available to use now, but coming soon will be additional and entirely customisable Smart Tags. Include any and multiple Smart Tags of your choice, only limited by your imagination and data you upload! Dates, times, numbers and text of your choice!