Shared Number Two Way Text Messaging

World Text has been a long standing innovator of it’s Email to SMS Gateway, among the first to offer easy to integrate and reliable outbound, inbound and two way text messaging using plain old email.

Although we offer extensive methods to send and receive, including HTTP REST API, industry standard SMPP and web based SaaS Communicator Pro, the Email to SMS Gateway remains a firm favourite of those wanting quick and easy deployment.

World Text are pleased to announce further development of the Email to SMS Gateway, now to include fully automated two way text messaging, with dedicated Virtual Number sharing, over a single account and number.

In short this means that multiple users with different email addresses can use your World Text account with a single dedicated Virtual Number, but any reply text messages will automatically be sent back to the correct, original email address of the sender.

This is great for groups and organisations where you want to either keeps costs down, or ensure that you present the same reply number to recipients of text messages.

While there will always be occasions where multiple dedicated Virtual Numbers will be your best option, especially for complex setups or where recipients will be receiving text messages from multiple users in your organisation over the same timeframe, this functionality once again will help you deploy a two way text messaging service with minimal setup time and expense!

Please contact us for further information and to have setup on your account.