Send Bulk Emjoi Text Messages!

How about sending bulk Emoji text messages in your next text message marketing campaign? 😃This little known feature has always been available with your World Text, text messaging account with no additional cost or setup required 😮

All our interfaces support Emoji SMM, so that includes Communicator Pro, Email to SMS, HTTP REST API and the SMPP API.

  • Communicator Pro – Emoji’s are handled automatically for you, simply include Emoji characters in your text messages.
  • Email to SMS – You’ll need to enable Unicode / UTF-8 if you are using the Email to SMS service, this can be done on the Email to SMS Gateway settings page, on the ‘Special’ tab, and selecting ‘Allow Unicode/UTF-8’.
  • HTTP REST API – You’ll need to specify the optional parameter ‘enc=UnicodeBigUnmarked’ and encode your text message content accordingly.
  • SMPP API – Data Coding needs to be set to 8 and the text message encoded in UCS-2.

Emoji text messages use a special encoding call Unicode / UTF-8, this is normally used to enable the delivery of SMS that contain special characters such as Chinese, Arabic and other accented characters. The only difference between these and normal messages using A-Z characters, is that the total number of characters is reduced to 70 (normally 160). To help you with this there is a handy guide we’ve written as to how long Unicode / UTF-8 messages can be Unicode / UTF-8 Text Message Length here.

So next time you are communicating with customers, staff or friends, why not include a little light humour with the addition of an Emoji or two!

If you have any further questions please contact us.