Schedule Bulk SMS – New Feature!

We are pleased to announce a new feature now enabled for our cloud based SMS software, Communicator Pro, Schedule SMS.

Schedule your bulk SMS and alert SMS to be sent at any time in the future. Ideal for sending bulk marketing SMS and text message alerts at predefined times, without the need to login to our web based SMS software at all.

Ultra flexible time control – You can set the start time down to a specific minute, on any date in the future. When this time is reached our platform will automatically start to send to your group.

Numbers kept up to date – The numbers in your group are only queried at the very time the group starts to be sent to, this ensures that any numbers that have opted-in to your groups, or opted-out of your groups, are identified to ensure you only send messages to those who actually want them.

Fastest SMS delivery – The more numbers you are sending to the long it takes to submit to all of them, using our cloud based SMS software Communicator Pro ensures that the time take to get through your numbers is as small as possible. Meaning time sensitive text messages, such as promotional codes and SMS alerts telling your customers of the latest deal or short availability products and special offers get out to them quickly. As we use premium message delivery routes, speed and reliability is second to none.

Timezones supported – We know not all your customers, staff and contacts are in the same timezone, so why not have them in timezone groups and using the ‘Timezone’ function of the SMS Scheduler, your bulk text messages will automatically be sent at the time you set, relative to their own timezone. No more receiving SMS in the middle of the night, or having to manually calculate the time offset!

Automatic repeat – Additional feature coming soon, allowing you to set your SMS to automatically resend at pre-defined and custom intervals, with either an end date or no end date set. Ideal for reminders of special promotions “It’s 3for2 Friday from 6pm to 8pm, place your order now!”, or that monthly conference call “Don’t forget to dial in the the monthly conference call today at 15:00, PIN code is 12345” with your staff or team.