India Two Way Text Messaging

We are pleased to announce our new A2P India Two Way Text Messaging service which is available with immediate effect to all users irrespective of the API or interface being used with our SMSC, so HTTP REST API, Email / SMPT, SMPP or Communicator Pro.

India two way text messaging

Now you can add true two way SMS in India to your application, hook directly to popular CRM’s such as Salesforce®, Oracle® and Zoho® using our HTTP REST API, with realtime delivery status and replies. Allowing for SMS conversations directly integrated with your application with speed and ease.

Historically true two way SMS in India has been difficult if not impossible, namely due to outbound (MT) text messages having their source address (aka. originator / sender ID) overwritten to identify them to a particular SMS aggregator. This only left dedicated short codes which take a long time to setup and not least are quite expensive.

Extended short codes arrive – thanks to the ability to extend a dedicated short code (add extra digits), this allows World Text clients to have their own dedicated extended short code at a fraction of the cost of a normal short code, and reduce the setup time significantly.

No more needing to include long numbers within the text message body, simple two way SMS conversations with your customers, employees and students!

Please contact us to get two way SMS in India enabled for your account.