India Two Way Text Messaging, get started now!

World Text are pleased to announce a fully operational India two way text messaging service, allowing for direct replies to text messages sent to Indian mobile users. Perfect where direct two way engagement is need using text messaging, without the need for keywords or numbers included in the message body, as a result increasing response rates.

India two way text messaging

Historically two text messaging in India has been problematic at best, fundamentally surrounding the many restrictions applied to SMS in this region. However using specialist connections and local partners, World Text can now offer true two way text messaging for India to all clients.

The most popular choice for inbound numbers is our SMS Virtual Numbers, with true local Indian SMS Virtual Numbers available, allowing for local rate text messaging for the Indian users you are engaging with. Although for brands wishing to maintain a public perception of them may wish to use dedicated short codes, giving the user a short 5 digit code to text or reply to, which is ideal for marketing campaigns. These options are not exhaustive, so please contact us if you have any specific requirement.

Text messaging in India using World Text fully support both English and Hindi. This can be done using any of our APIs and Interfaces, which include HTTP REST API, SMPP, Email to SMS and Communicator Pro (free text messaging cloud software). Using Unicode encoding enables the use of Hindi characters, but of course this will reduce the number of possible characters per single part message to 70, see a little more about it on this page.

For further information and to get started with your Indian two way text messaging, please contact us.