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The Winner is...
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Choosing a Winner Is...

Remarkably Difficult!

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Choosing a winner was exceptionally difficult! We had a good number of applications, and especially in the case of the smaller charities some very interesting and creative ideas on how they might use the texts on offer!

We were very careful not to take a view on which causes were most worthy as that, frankly, would be an impossible game.

Nonetheless we found it far more difficult to arrive at a single winner than we expected, so we've decided that for this year there shall be two winners:

The Winners Are:

We've contacted all applicants, and we look forward to working with both our winners getting them set up and active.

A Little About the Winners

Great North Air Ambulance

From a small start in 1991, the Great North Air Ambulance Service has grown to become a leading healthcare charity, operating three helicopters in the North-East, North Yorkshire and Cumbria.

The aircraft are all Eurocopter Dauphin AS365. Surprisingly, they are among the few air ambulances in the country to be IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) capable, rather than relying on Visual Flight Rules - the view out of windscreen. This of course means that many of the other UK air ambulances can fly only in good visibility which seems a tad restrictive to us!

It takes £4m a year to pay for the missions.

For a more complete summary of their aims and history, please see the GNAA About Us Pages

Epilepsy Action

Formed in July 1950, the British Epilepsy Association (BEA) was launched with the purpose of changing public attitudes towards epilepsy and improving people’s lives. They exist to improve the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy. In 2002 they rebranded themselves as Epilepsy Action.

They offer a very wide range of services, including advice and information, online, in print and directly through the Epilepsy Helpline. They fund specialist nurses and practical tools to ease the lives of suffers.

For a detailed view on their aims and history, please see the Epilepsy Action About Us Pages

Some Useful Charity Resources

$10k Advertising a Month from Google

It's surprisingly little known, but Google for Nonprofits has been available in the UK for a little over 6 months.

Most notable feature is upto $10,000 in Adwords credit per month. Terms are very friendly - be a registered charity, have a substantive website and agree to their non-discrimination requirement.

If you haven't applied, you should!

Full information on their charitable programme is at: Google for Nonprofits.

You also get access to premium Youtube and apps features (both typically paid features)

Free(ish) Software from Microsoft and Others

Microsoft Office and suchlike, Adobe, Symantec and heavily discounted Cisco networking gear!

"Free" software licences, but with an admin fee that means you'll be paying about 5-10% of retail.

This is part of a wider Microsoft programme for charities, but is probably the most notable feature. For more information on their full range of programmes, see Microsoft citizenship programme.

We'll be extending our lists of resources and grants over the coming year.


The campaign is now closed for applications. We're leaving the original announcement pages available.

Please come back in December if you're looking to apply!

We hope this will become a history of our charity campaigns over the years!

2013 Charity Campaign Announcement
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