Communicate for Free Throughout 2014
Seeking Charities who could use some Free Text Messagin

World Text have supported a number of charities in the past but it has normally been a quiet, direct approach.

This year, in the run-up to Christmas, we wanted to try something a little different.

We’re seeking UK charities who could use some free text messaging!

Perhaps that doesn’t sound too exciting compared to a free iPad competition or donation, and we did think of this, but decided that an ongoing service would be a better contribution than the latest iShiny. Besides, giving an iShiny doesn’t really feel like it’s benefiting anyone. So...

We’re seeking applications from UK charities who'd like a year's free text messaging.

Who's Eligible?

Email to SMS Gateway

Simply put, UK based charities helping UK people who could benefit from some text messaging. Registered charities only, no existing customers.

You might think that’s not very many of them, but you’d be surprised. Who, after all, wouldn’t want better communications and a means of contact that has dramatically better open rates than email?

Perhaps you have volunteers who need to meet, arrange appointments, or remind of upcoming events. Maybe you need to inform people of your activities. The list is large.

It's mentioned in the small print, but any use of text messaging must fall within the UK regulations on SMS.

We're Offering 2014 Texts a Month Throughout 2014

Email to SMS Gateway

As well as 12 months of free message credits, we're also offering 12 months use of a keyword on our shortcode (for incoming texts).

We’ll help you integrate the idea – we can offer simple solutions including Email to SMS, and we’ll talk about it on this page and our blog – which will be a little extra publicity. We intend to run at least quarterly follow-up posts talking about what you've been doing and hopefully how it's helped you achieve more.

We may be able to help with suggestions on creative use of SMS to achieve your aims. We can't, however, offer programming assistance beyond our normal support.

In addition to this we’ll give you a keyword on our UK short code for a year. It could be used in your marketing to attract new volunteers, or maybe for those want to get more information from you – it’s up to you!

We need to know the charity, it’s purpose and what you envisage using text messages for. Clearly it must fit within the UK SMS regulations, but we'd love to hear a few creative ideas and mashups!

The idea(s) that appeal to us the most will hear more by close of business (17:00 UK time) on the 20th Dec.

Follow Up

Did you know Google Gives Significant Free Advertising to Charities? They do, and their offer is surprisingly little known.

As well as posting info on our selected charity's progress over the year, we'll also be posting some useful resources we've come across - specifically for charities.

So even if you aren't our selected charity, hopefully you can benefit.

Small print

UK SMS regulations are strict and quite specific, so we have some small print for you to read and agree to.

To apply

Wait until next year!