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World-Text USA & Canada Services

Short Codes

Sending and receiving bulk SMS in the US can be difficult and costly at the best of times. The World Text US virtual long number service utilises direct carrier virtual numbers which is easy and quick to setup, and certainly cost effective.


We are please to announce some important service updates available for the dedicated USA and Canda bulk SMS service over virtual numbers (aka. long numbers).

The following are now supported features:

  • Long messages*
  • Unicode
  • Binary
  • Delivery receipts**
  • No speed restrictions
  • Increased daily / monthly SMS per long number
  • Auto long number rotation

Please see our blog post for more information or contact us.

Canada service now also available.

*May not be joined
**Where available

Fully flexible service

  • No monthly fee - No minimum commitment term or fees.
  • Instant use - No need to set special configurations.
  • Industry standard - Send normal 160 character text messages immediately.
  • Multiple interfaces - Use HTTP, SMPP, SMTP (email) and web to send.
  • Virtual numbers - No need for expensive short codes.
  • Inbound messages - Setup your own dedicated US virtual mobile number to receive inbound messages.
  • P2P messages - Aimed at use for P2P messages, so ideal for notifications, alerts, group messages. Contact us if you would like advice or support regarding this.
  • High throughput - Capacity for high throughput volumes for standard and dedicated service.

How it works

US and Canada bulk SMS and inbound virtual number

1. You / your application sends messages to our servers for delivery.

2. Our servers communicate with the direct carrier connections.

3. Using randomly allocated virtual numbers your message is delivered to the recipients handset.

4. If you are using our dedicated US or Canada virtual number service, the process works in reverse with inbound (MO) text messages returned to you by your chosen method (HTTP, SMPP or SMTP (email) ) via your dedicated number (not random).

Please contact us for further information.

Important notes

The following are not supported by the US & Canada service:

  • Alpha-numeric source addresses
  • Multi-part messages (concatenated)
  • Binary messages
  • Unicode messages
  • Full delivery receipts
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Mobile content delivery

If you require any of the above features a dedicated short code may be required.

Special configuration / a dedicated account may be required for use of this specific service, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you are using the dedicated service with your own dedicated virtual number, please note that each virtual number has a daily maximum outbound quota of 500 SMS and a maximum throughput of 1 SMS per second.

Free trial account

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