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Search and Rescue &
Emergency Services Guide

Text messaging can help your organisation.

The following guide is for Search & Rescue organisations using the SARCALL system.

The World-Text and SARCALL systems have been specially designed to provide a simple, fast, field-proven and reliable platform to launch emergency services.

SARCALL in the Press:

Setup & Configuration

  • Create an account here

  • Once you have created an account, contact us.

  • Invoicing is run quarterly
  • You are only invoiced for the messages you send (There is no minimum throughput needed - special offer for emergency services)
  • Discounted cost per message (Special offer for emergency services available on invoiced accounts. Currently VAT is chargeable, however we are seeking clarification so all those who are registered charities can receive a zero VAT rate on invoices.)

  • Configure Callout Groups here (These are the different groups that can be called out individually or together)
  • PAGERS (If you are using Vodafone pagers with the system, you MUST email us with a full list of these numbers in addition to adding them to your groups before the system goes live).
    We recommend adding all individual pager numbers to your configured callout groups, as opposed to adding the Vodafone group numbers.
  • Source Address
  • Text message 'label' (Source Address) (Have the SMS arrive on the phones as from eg.'SARCALL' - request these here.)

  • Message Alert Tones If you use the above service for applying special 'alphanumeric' source addresses to your messages, most phone handsets will be unable to then apply special customised message tones. However, it is known that with some handsets including the Apple iPhone™ you can add a contact with the 'number field' specified as the alphanumeric source address, which then will enable you to apply a unique message alert tone for all messages received with said source address.

  • Landline Messages If you are using landline telephone numbers, you MUST ensure each team member has configured their landline phone to receive messages. This is done by contacting BT (even if you receive your landline via an alternative provider) on 0800 587 5252. If you do not do this, there is often a default 'blackout period' imposed by BT which means no messages will be delivered during the night. Also, please be aware that if you are using a source address as above, the message read out may appear to be from a number not familiar to you.


  • Grid References - If you are sending a messages which contains a grid reference and some of the recipient numbers are landlines, try using a space between the numbers (i.e. 6 4 5 4 3 6), so they are spoken to the recipient individually.

Further Information

For further information regarding the SARCALL system, please use the contact form below.

Your message will be sent to the administrators of the SARCALL system. World Text provide the mechanism for text messages to be delivered for SARCALL, the SARCALL system itself is operated by an independent charitable organisation who will answer your queries.

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