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Bulk SMS

SMS Text Messages in your Organisation

Charity SMS Solutions


Using our SMS services charities have been able to gain an advantage over traditional methods of self promotion. Contacting known supporters using SMS can be a less intrusive and certainly less expensive and time consuming.
Commercial SMS Solutions

Commercial Solution

Our commercial grade solutions using our SMS services give organisations access to high volume, high throughput, high resilience without the need for investment and complicated contract negotiations.
Contact center SMS solutions

Contact Centre

Using our SMS services contact centre operatives are able to send requested information, send appointment and payment details or call summaries. Using our inbound service full two-way communication can be achieved, reducing time and costs while improving customer satisfaction.
Eduction SMS solutions


Using our SMS services educational organisations are able to communicate quickly and efficiently with staff, pupils and parents alike concerning closures, reminders, absentees and timetable changes to name but a few.
Emergency service SMS solutions

Emergency Services

Using our SMS services emergency services have been able to supplement or even replace their legacy systems to improve processes and reduce costs. The ability to integrate / supplement / replace legacy systems includes sending to Vodafone pagers (UK) and landline numbers (UK).
Finance and banking SMS solutions

Finance / Banking

Using our SMS services banks and other financial organisations can help reduce fraud. Using SMS PIN’s and passwords can be sent to pre-registered numbers for authentication, which will also reduce the overall cost and time taken to service customers. Additional value added services such as balance and identity theft alerts provide additional revenue streams and customer loyalty.
Healthcare and medical SMS solutions


Using our SMS services healthcare organisations and professionals are able to communicate direct with patients to confirm and remind of appointments, medicine schedules and two-way for health monitoring which provides cost savings and improved patient care.
Insurance SMS solutions


Using our SMS service insurance companies can help reduce lapses and promote improved customer communication, overall increasing sales and reducing costs. Confirmation of policy details and claim tracking can reduce man hours spent per customer, again reducing costs and improving customer experience.
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IT / Software

Using our SMS services managed IT services and software can be combined with SMS, allowing for status monitoring alerts and user management, reducing downtime and improving users experience.
IT and software SMS solutions


Using our SMS services logistics providers have been able to integrate with their clients providing delivery / collection notification and re-scheduling using two-way SMS as a value added managed service. In addition to this for monitoring of trailers which have traditionally used data connections, failover to SMS has proved to be invaluable for poor coverage areas and often a cost saving.
M2M SMS Solutions


Using our SMS services clients with M2M (machine to machine) SMS needs have seen their international footprint increase and delivery rates improve. With two-way solutions for most countries including local rate messaging full end to end solutions are available. UK M2M SMS are also able to benefit from true extending message expiry of up to 7 days, perfect for remote unit with longer power cycles, so ultimately reducing costs as no re-sends required.
Manufacturing SMS solutions


Using our SMS services manufacturing and production have been able to reduce downtime and address critical issues quicker than ever before, and often before they become problems. Rather than email alerts and or manual telephone cascade response, SMS provides a quick efficient method of alerting the correct respondents.
Marketing SMS solutions


Using our SMS services marketing organisations have been able to improve response rates and increase ROI verses traditional methods alone. Research carried out by the DMA has shown noticeably higher response rates to SMS. As the open rate is far higher and time taken to open is far quicker than email, SMS is the ideal medium for time sensitive offers and promotions.
Online shopping SMS solutions


Using our SMS services online purchases can be verified and full tracking information sent direct to the customer in a quick, efficient and cost effective manor. Enhance your customer relationships and offer bespoke promotions that are time sensitive.
Public sector and government SMS solutions

Public Sector

Using our SMS services public sector and government organisations are able to communicate quicker and more efficiently with employees and the general public. Ideal for blanket communications with time critical information or bespoke personalised messages alike.
Recruitment SMS solutions


Using our SMS services recruitment organisations have been able to gain the competitive advantage by using SMS to get new positions to suitable candidates in the shortest possible time. In such a competitive market place being the first to recruit the best and most skilled to jobs is essential and by using two-way SMS gain quick response to understand interest. Save cost lost to wasted man hours calling non-interested candidates and improve capture rates of suitable candidates.
Retail and consumer SMS solutions

Retail / Consumer

Using our SMS services retailers of consumer goods have been able to provide customer interaction at the highest level. Using both standard and two-way SMS communicate direct with your customer concerning deliveries (and re-scheduling), collections and status of orders. Reduce customer churn by improving customer satisfaction, while reducing
Travel and hospitality SMS solutions

Travel / Hospitality

Using our SMS services the travel and hospitality industry have been able to vastly improve customer relations and satisfaction. Confirmations or bookings, directions, delays to travel and customer contact request be either two-way SMS or telephone response all reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction.


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