Wind Greece – SMS firewall active

Are you finding your marketing, alert and other bulk SMS not being delivered to mobile subscribers on the Wind network in Greece?

The mobile network Wind Greece is activating an SMS firewall solution from 6th November 2013, to prevent unsolicited messages from reaching Wind subscribers and to ensure enterprise SMS traffic to Wind’s subscribers is sent via Wind’s infrastructure or other paid for alternatives rather than indirectly via Wind’s SMS interconnect partners.

Enterprise SMS sent indirectly will be blocked and will not reach the Wind Greece subscriber after the SMS firewall has been activated.

In order to ensure uninterrupted service for our clients, World Text has established an official interconnection to Wind Greece. Sending your SMS messages to Wind subscribers via World Text will safeguard that your service will continue to operate without any interruptions.

Please contact us to discuss any specific requirements. Some accounts may require specific adjustment to ensure they benefit from this.