South Africa Two Way Text Messaging

Historically it’s been difficult to successfully and reliably deploy true South Africa two way text messaging. Results would see the source address (aka sender ID) replaced / overwritten by the local networks, this meant replies wouldn’t come back to you.  Where two way text messaging was possible, the reply number would always be randomised, meaning any two way text message session would always have to begin with an outbound text message, not an inbound text message from the user.

These factors have lead to very restrictive two way text messaging services in South Africa… until now.

World Text are pleased to announce a new and improved two way text messaging service for South Africa, using true virtual numbers. The virtual numbers remain static, meaning two way conversations can begin with either an outbound or an inbound text message, with no restrictions or limitations.

To get two way text messaging setup for South Africa or any of the other many two way countries we offer, please contact us.