Shared inbound number now FREE to use!

Two-Way Free inbound text message virtual numberWe have now made the use of the shared inbound virtual number using keywords FREE to use! By using our shared inbound number 07937 985001 or if outside the UK +447937 985001

For inbound messages that are forwarded on to you by email (SMTP), HTTP or SMPP there is no charge (previously cost 3 credits per message). For configuration of message forwarding by HTTP and SMPP please contact us.

There is no monthly cost to use the shared inbound virtual number.

To setup your own shared inbound virtual number FREE of charge, go to the auto-responder page of your account World Text Auto Responder

Why not setup our shared inbound virtual number (447937 985001) as your source address, choose your keyword and have the recipients of your messages reply with their messages forwarded direct to you by email?

If you need any help setting up, please feel free to drop us a message!