Send Marketing SMS to the US

Marketing and Transactional SMS in the US

World Text are pleased to announce our new exciting two way service, enabling you to send marketing and transactional SMS in the US and any other kind of content using long codes!

Sending SMS to users in the United States can be a tricky process to get right, for marketing content or higher volume applications it’s been a requirement that a dedicated short code is used. US Short Codes are expensive to setup and rent, and requires a fairly complicated and protracted setup process which can take a couple of months or more in some cases, meaning your costs can spiral out of control and make your ROI even harder to achieve.

Enter the addition of US Long Codes, while we have offered these for years they have limitations and restrictions; cannot be used for marketing content, have daily and monthly limits and a greatly reduced throughput speed (1 per second per long code), balance between outbound and inbound needed, until now…

Available with immediate effect, the new addition to the World Text US Long Code service sees toll free voice numbers being used as standard (there is no requirement to use voice), and the biggest bonus of these numbers are:

  • Marketing content allowed (as long as not for a shared service)
  • No long setup process
  • Two way enabled
  • No throughput speed limit
  • No daily outbound limit
  • No monthly outbound limit
  • STOP requests automatically handled operator side to ensure compliance

Recipients must have opted-in to receive SMS from you, and this may be required to be proved should a recipient complain to their cell operator.

For further information please contact us!