Reduced cost of two-way text messaging!

Inbound SMS revenue sharingSo, you use two-way text messaging for your:

  • Parcel delivery company
  • Doctors surgery
  • Remote M2M units
  • Voting & poles
  • Surveys
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Staff communications
  • Tracking units
  • A little of this and that..

(Insert / Delete as applicable)

Okay, well I’m sure that I’ve missed your niche or not so niche use above but you get my drift. The uses that two-way SMS is put to is wide and varied, and certainly heavily used.

World Text are inbound and two-way text messaging specialists are are always developing, exploring and looking for new ways that you can use their services to better effect and also reduce costs.

With this in mind, are receiving in excess of 50,000 inbound SMS per month from UK, Swedish, Spanish and other mobile networks? Want to save money on your two-way messaging? Want to make money on your inbound SMS? Want to do this all without using premium rate short codes?

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