Reduce Bulk SMS costs by over 1.5pence per message!

Virtual Mobile NumberReducing your messaging costs could be easier than you think, and at the same time it can improve your staff, client or customer engagement!

Savings of over 1.5p per message could be realised by using a World Text inbound virtual mobile number. You will share a proportion of the ‘termination fee’ that normally the networks keep for themselves, which is a fee paid by each mobile network to send a text message to another mobile network. This is what we refer to as inbound revenue sharing.

Do you already provide a ‘text to number’ a ‘reply to this message’ or application to application service? Maybe you send text alerts for a taxi arriving or parcel delivery time? All of these, by asking for a response from the recipient can give you an out-payment for every message you receive on your dedicated inbound virtual mobile number (over 10,000 messages per month).

If you need further information or would like to discuss this further, please contact us.