New HTTP REST API parameter – SENDID & New Reporting Filter – Group ID

Available from 23rd September 2015 users of our HTTP REST API will have access to the new optional parameter ‘sendid‘ (API Documents).

This new parameter has been added to assist clients generating reporting and statistics for their SMS campaigns via our web portal. When submitting either individual SMS or group SMS, include a reference of your own choosing (sendid=XXXXXXXX) and then when logged in to the SMS Tracking & Reporting page enter your reference to track and report on these messages only.

Also Available from 23rd September 2015 users of the HTTP REST API who make use of the ‘Group‘ functionality for sending SMS to predefined lists of numbers held on the World Text platform (SMS to Groups via API) can now generate reports and statistics using the ‘Group ID‘ as an optional filter, enabling more accurate information for you to base your decisions on.

Being to track and measure success of your bulk SMS campaigns is important, this unique World Text API function will further aid this and ensure you have easy full visibility of your campaigns.

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