New Chinese Virtual SMS Numbers…

SMS Short Codes



World Text will soon be adding China to the list countries that are fully supported for long numbers.

EDIT:  NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY:  China +86 Virtual SMS Numbers.

Our new Chinese +86 Virtual SMS Numbers will be enabled by the use of local landline numbers, oppose to virtual mobile numbers.

Virtual numbers are ideal for two way conversation with leads and customers overseas. A text message to a virtual number is a normal rate message so often included in text bundles.

Capable of receiving SMS text messages in the country chosen, they are great for indicating a presence in a country where you may do business but not have a physical presence.

Ideal for support, updates, marketing, two-way communications, competitions etc.

Unlike a short code, a virtual mobile number can be stored in the phonebook like a normal number.

Incoming Messages can be processed for you using our Auto Responder service, or delivered straight to your application by email or HTTP.

Please contact us for further information.