Netherlands SMS Virtual Numbers

With effect from 4th April 2014 Netherlands SMS virtual numbers will no longer be available from any mobile network in this country.

The Dutch Consumer & Market authority have taken the decision to not allow inbound SMS virtual numbers. This is due to an application for a new virtual number range being declined for one of the mobile networks and as such they then deemed that it was unfair competition to allow the existing ranges to continue.

There are two options open to users who require inbound SMS from networks in The Netherlands:

World Text VSIM Hosting service – this will enable a local numbers, however current restriction is that inbounds from users on the Tele2 network will not be received. This may change, however there is no confirmed date.

World Text Swedish SMS Virtual Number – This provides full inbound coverage for the main networks in The Netherlands, however users replies would be an international rate message.

We are working on an alternative solution, however at this point we do not know what will be possible and what won’t be.

For further information please contact us.