MCC/MNC now available in delivery receipts

World Text are pleased to announce additional functionality to the text message HTTP REST API and SMPP interface, allowing for the MCC/MNC of the number being sent to to be returned in delivery receipts.

MCC/MNC (Mobile Country Code / Mobile Network Code) is a unique numeric identifier for a country (MCC) and a mobile network (MNC). You can see a full list of these combinations in our SMS coverage list.

Where this information is available it is returned to you within the final state delivery receipt for your outbound SMS. There are some cases where this information is not available, in the event the information is not available the content returned for MCC/MNC will be ‘000000’.


The new optional parameter is called ‘e212’, this will return a numeric value of 5 or 6 digits with indicates which network the destination number belongs to.

  • Example: e212=65510

This would indicate MCC 655 which is South Africa and MNC 10 which is the MTN network.

SMPP Interface

As with the HTTP format, a numeric value of 5 or 6 digits is returned, this is within the optional parameters in the SMPP delivery receipt,  which has the hex value 0x511


This additional functionality is not enabled by default, you should contact your account manager or our Support Team to request this is enabled.