Indonesia SMS Virtual SIM

Do you need to receive inbound text messages from Indonesia to a local Indonesia mobile number? World Text can help by using our unique Indonesia SMS Virtual SIM (VSIM) service!

The telecommunication authorities in Indonesia have been tightening down on operators offering normal mobile numbers as virtual numbers on a wholesale basis, and them being used for two way A2P (Application to Person) messaging. This has lead to operators withdrawing virtual numbers with little or no notice, meaning outbound (MT) and inbound (MO) text messaging is no longer possible using these virtual numbers.

As an alternative the World Text Indonesia SMS Virtual SIM (VSIM) service will easily allow inbound (MO) text messages over a local Indonesian number, with all the benefits of a normal virtual number, including HA (High Availability), high throughput (up to 50 SMS/sec) and Tier 1 network reliability.

The primary difference is that the client will need to supply a contract SIM card for Indonesia, which upon receipt is ‘virtualised’ by us, and then stored in a secure safe until the return is requested by the client.

For further information on this or to get your VSIM setup, please contact us.