Virtual Number Revenue Sharing

Virtual Number Revenue Sharing – offset the cost of your bulk SMS and marketing SMS and improve your customer relationships.

Today’s business is evermore reliant on text messaging to communicate with their customers, clients and staff. Yes there is email, IM, BBM etc., but for reliable ‘near instant’, cross network, cross phone communication, text messages can’t be beaten. The success is largely due to the fact that over 90 percent of all SMS text messages are read usually within three minutes of being received. In total, close to 98 percent of all SMS text messages are indeed read by the consumer within hours of receiving it.

The problem which many businesses face is the inherent cost of sending more and more text messages as it becomes key to their operations.

There is a new solution that could massively offset this cost, and improve you customer relationship by encouraging two-way communication.

Virtual number revenue sharing is a system that utilises ‘long numbers’ which are just like normal mobile phone numbers i.e. 07937 123456 for your customers to reply to or send a message to in the first instance.

As it is a ‘normal’ mobile number oppose to ‘short codes’ i.e. 80081/60020, people are more likely to reply as short codes can often be thought to be a premium rate number even if this is not the case.

When a customer sends a text message to the revenue sharing virtual number, as with short codes and other virtual numbers the ‘sender’ pays their normal network rate for the text message. This fee used to be kept by the networks involved, but now this has all changed! Depending on the volume of messages you receive there can be a sharing of this fee.

The text messages you receive can be passed back to you in different forms, be that SMTP (email), HTTP (web) or SMPP (high volume), so integration with existing systems would be easy.

There is more information available on this service here