SMS Within Your Organisation

The benefits of SMS services we provide and how they can be used in a working environment like yours.


Charities have been able to gain an advantage over traditional methods of self promotion. Contacting known supporters using SMS can be a less intrusive and certainly less expensive and time consuming.

Commercial Solution

Our commercial grade solutions using our SMS services give organisations access to high volume, high throughput, high resilience without the need for investment and complicated contract negotiations.

Contact Centre

Contact centre operatives are able to send requested information, send appointment and payment details or call summaries. Using our inbound service full two-way communication can be achieved, reducing time and costs while improving customer satisfaction.


Educational organisations are able to notify staff, pupils and parents alike concerning closures, reminders, absentees and timetable changes to name but a few, all via SMS.

Emergency Services

There are legacy systems that have been replaced in order to improve processes and reduce costs. UK Vodafone pagers and UK landline numbers are the destination types used by the Emergency Services in order to integrate, supplement and replace legacy systems.

Finance and Banking

PINs and passwords can be sent to pre-registered numbers for authentication, which will reduce the overall cost and time taken to service customers as well as reducing fraud. These value added services improve customer service massively.


Two-way SMS between clients and service providers has had a large impact on customer service within healthcare. A known example of this is where doctors surgeries send out appointment confirmations and reminders as well as other related notifications to the clients who request them.


Cutting costs, improving customer relations and increasing overall sales are naming just a few of the important benefits of using SMS within an insurance organisation. SMS has a much higher probability of being opened and read than that of email and mail. SMS can be used in order to update customers on their policy details, update customers on their application progress, send out renewal reminders and sales marketing messages in order to offer better prices than competitors.

IT and Software

Combining IT services and software with SMS could not be simpler. A main benefit of using SMS within an IT organisation is that you can set up status updates to be sent to your handset / email regularly, this improves peace of mind and also can indirectly improve service; if a status update reports and issue to the relevant person, then that person can fix the issue almost immediately in some cases, which in turn - decreases man hours spent on finding / solving issues.


Failover to SMS has proved to be invaluable to logistic companies, logistic companies use failover to SMS in order to monitor their trailers - rather than old fashioned data connections. Failover to SMS is well known for its ability to provide even in poorly coveraged areas. Two way SMS is very useful within the logistics industry as messages can be sent to customer to notify them of delivery and collection times and delay and re-scheduling information.


Our service users with machine to machine needs have benefitted greatly from two-way SMS, they have seen their international footprint soar and their delivery rates increase. Two-way SMS can be achieved using Virtual Numbers and Virtual SIMs. Full end to end solutions are available for two way services. 7 day message expiry is available in the UK resulting in reduced costs with no re-sends necessary.


Reducing downtime and addressing critical issues quicker than ever before are just some of the real benefits within the manufacturing industry, using SMS. Rather than email alerts and or manual telephone cascade response, SMS provides a quick efficient method of alerting the correct respondents.


SMS is the ideal medium for time sensitive offers and promotions. The DMA documented research that states SMS have a much higher open rate than email - so marketing messages will be opened, read and acknowledged quicker through SMS than any other medium.


Verification of online purchases and full tracking information can be sent direct to the customer in a quick, efficient and cost effective manor. Enhance your customer relationships and offer bespoke promotions that are time sensitive.

Public Sector

Organisations in the public sector such as government are able to communicate quicker and more efficiently with employees and the general public. Ideal for blanket communications with time critical information or bespoke personalised messages alike.


Recruitment organisations have been able to gain the competitive advantage by using SMS to get new positions to suitable candidates in the shortest possible time. In such a competitive market place being the first to recruit the best, most skilled for jobs is essential and by using two-way SMS, you gain quick response to understand interest. Save costs and man hours used calling non-interested candidates and improve suitable capture rates.

Retail and Consumer

Providing customer interaction at the highest level is a priority in this industry. By using both standard and two-way SMS to communicate directly with your customer concerning deliveries (and re-scheduling), collections and status of orders is a guaranteed way of doing so.

Travel and Hospitality

Vastly improve customer relations and satisfaction. Confirmations of bookings, directions and delays can all be communicated through either two-way SMS or telephone response which both reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction.

With an estimated, overall increase in sales and reputation, it's a no-brainer when thinking about employing SMS services within your organisation. To find out more about our services click here or contact us