SMS Proxy / Anonymous Message Forwarder

We are pleased to announce the activation of our automated SMS proxy / anonymous text message forwarder (yes quite a mouth full!).

Many of our clients operate inbound and two way SMS text messaging services and it’s become more frequently requested for the ability to have a proxy – by this we mean the ability for User A to contact User B without revealing either person’s real mobile number or vice versa.

This can often be tricky to achieve and can require lots of programming, which is not only time consuming, but maintaining this can also be time consuming.

Not any more! World Text will handle the SMS proxy / anonymous text message forwarding on your behalf, without any need for programming! Our unique and original Auto Responder handles all the requirements on your behalf, without the use of any third party and built from the ground up in-house.

You have two options for the onward forwarded message:

A: The sender remains anonymous to the recipient of the forwarded message.

B: The sender is identified to the recipient of the forwarded message. (Not available to our users in North America and other countries with source address restrictions).

SMS virtual numbers, VSIM (Virtual SIM) and short codes can all use this service without any additional fee – you simply pay for the onward forwarded SMS.

Currently you need to request this by contacting us, however it will be added to the Auto Responder for activation automatically by you.