Salesforce Text Message App

World Text are pleased to announce the coming development of our Salesforce Text Message App.

As a leading cloud communications provider, World Text recognise the need for Enterprise users of  Salesforce to be able to easily, and without development, use our extensive range of integrated text messaging services.

Send text message campaigns to individuals, groups and engage with customers using two way conversations with local numbers. Receive inbound text messages, and customer instigated two way conversations. Predefined templates and dynamic content to personalise messages.

Cleanse your customers mobile numbers, identifying invalid and out dated information. Using HLR lookups, live (not cached / database driven) information provided by networks is used to return the current status of mobile numbers.

Report on you text message campaigns, showing delivery rates, opt-out rates and response rates, further helping you to calculate an ROI.

No need to wait for the Salesforce App, get started now!

There are two options available to World Text customers to enable text messaging via their existing Salesforce setup, HTTP REST API (you’ll need a developer to help with this) or Email (quick, easy and no developer needed).

Text Message HTTP REST API 

Our most adaptable and advanced API in terms of flexibility, the HTTP REST API allows significant control over your text messaging, yet is a easy to use API for your developers. Outbound and inbound text messaging, concatenated (multi-part) text messaging and both GSM and Unicode encoding for languages such as Mandarin, Arabic and various other special characters etc.

Email to SMS

As Salesforce allows email addresses to be associated with records, it’s simply a case of adding an email address which is formatted correctly to work with our Email to SMS gateway. As an example, for a UK number of 07590123456 you can simply send this to and it will be converted to a text message and sent immediately to the mobile networks for delivery. This works for delivery to any country if you use a correctly formatted international number.

For more information on Salesforce integration or either of the above two methods, please contact us.