Facebook Account Kit Alternative

If you are a user of it you’ll likely already know that Facebook Account Kit is soon to be closed down. Since 9th September 2019 no new apps have been accepted to use the service, from 9th December the maximum daily SMS is reduced to 1,000 per app ID and finally from 9th March 202 the service will be fully deprecated and no longer able to be used.

Finding a Facebook Account Kit alternative that is reliable and capable of replacing this will be high on your agenda, but thankfully World Text who have been delivering mission critical SMS for over two decades are your perfect choice.

Cost effective and reliable delivery by an experienced company is essential, and with all our business and technical resources based in the UK, but with worldwide coverage, you can be assured that your needs are met.

You can connect to use using a number of different developer APIs, including HTTP, SMPP and even nice and easy using SMTP (Email to SMS).

Talk to us about preferential pricing and also invoiced accounts subject to status.