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International (UTF8) Email to SMS

A quick reminder of some features we’ve offered for years

If our email to sms service wasn’t enough, you’ll be blown away by the skills and concepts we’ve developed to ensure our customers have the highest standard of company text messaging provision.

2013-08-28 13.33.39A massively beneficial feature recently combined with email to sms is the fact Arabic (UCS2/Unicode) is supported. This is unique and we are proud to have this feature unlike many other corporations. With this advantage, customers are able to send messages with unicode in Arabic or Japanese etc.

Dynamic Fields

Another attribute we hold is the choice to email with dynamic fields. This basically is giving the customer availability to send the same format of email to many separate recipients. For example “Dear _______, your account balance is ______”. The blanks would be filled in personalised to the correct individuals.

Delivery Receipts

When sending emails the customer is always entitled to be informed of the delivery and costs. With World Text we are able to send you receipts which inform the customer on the dispatch of their emails. With a dispatch receipt you will receive an email to the specified email address upon your message being successfully sent for delivery, again when the email has delivered to the recipients.

Many further opportunities come with our email to sms package which are available here: