Charities use SMS to encourage support

Charities us SMS to encourage supportThe use of SMS by banks, supermarkets and parcel delivery companies has been widely adopted across the world to communicate with their patrons, giving information updates and actively engaging with them.

However, use of this fast, reliable and most importantly cheap communication medium continues to be overlooked by a sector that could benefit greatly from it… charities.

Often people who don’t already actively use SMS text messaging have a preconceived idea that all messages are ‘spam’, this is of course not true and used correctly could have a positive impact on your charity and charitable ventures.

You could have a team of volunteers that need to be contacted for some urgent project, or your holding a special event and you want to remind all your patrons that it’s happening this weekend and to tell as many of their friends to come. The uses are endless!

World Text are happy to offer special rates for all UK registered charities, please contact us to discuss how SMS could help you. Cheap, easy and no investment required!