SMS Software
With our own in-house software development team, we are best placed to help, should you need special software written!

How We Achieve This

We have a range of our own custom written software and third-party solutions to assist with the sending of your messages, from standard desktop operable programs, through to highly advanced methods.

eMessaging Server

eMS Text Messaging Server software provides a central facility for mobile phone text messages to be sent from e-mail clients, and business computer applications, or from a broadcaster client application. The Text Messaging Server can also handle incoming text messages which can be delivered to internal mailboxes, or an RSS server, or can interact with business applications and databases.

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eText for Schools

eText for schools provides outbound and inbound text messaging linked to your school Management Information System. eText for Schools can run on any of your staff computers, and messages are delivered and received securely by our high speed internet portal, without any need for new or special equipment.

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SMPP Link Tester

Simple SMPP Windows 98/2000/XP application that test basic TRX bind and issues and responds to enquire link packets. It is designed to verify that you can correctly bind to World-Text or any other SMPP v3.4 service provider.

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Third-party Applications

Applications and components developed and supplied to work with World-Text by other vendors.

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