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Please contact us for further information and to register interest.

What is USSD?

USSD is as old as mobile phones themselves, but this service is far from out of date and could give you an exciting, fast and cost effective method of communicating to mobile handsets without the use of SMS and with full two-way capability, with near global coverage*.

*Subject to USSD support

USSD Flash Message

USSD Flash

These messages are similar to flash SMS, in that they are displayed on a mobile handsets main screen without the need for the user to go to an 'inbox' to view them.

Additionaly they are not stored within the mobile handset, making them 'one time read' only - as soon as they are dismissed from the handset screen they are gone, making them perfect for PIN delivery and other sensitive use information such as stock alerts, appointment reminders etc.

USSD Menu Messages


This extremely flexible interactive menu based 'two-way' messaging infrastructure gives lots of flexibility. The uses are endless, but some uses for example could be surveys or voting with you receiving the users responses to questions posed.

Alternatively it is an ideal way for users to query information you have in your database.. results, company information, ballance update, 'live chat'... the list goes on!

As the menus use a live connection to the network there are time limitations that a menu that has not been responded to will remain active, in most cases this is around 30 seconds, however there is no time limit for the length of time an active menu session can last. For this reason we normally recommend keeping menus / questions simple and concise.

USSD Menu Session Types

Platform initiated - Via either our web interface or your own software you initiate a USSD menu session direct to the handset.

User initiated - A user initiates a USSD menu session direct from their mobile handset by sending an SMS with a keyword to our short code.

The Benefits

  • Near full compatibility with all phone handsets (unlike flash SMS)

  • Near instant message delivery

  • Low cost 'flat rate' for any country

  • Free to end users in most cases

  • Option of user initiated USSD menus
    (SMS to virtual number to begin session)

These are just a small selection of the uses and benefits, please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements or the possibilities of USSD.

We will be making the USSD flash messages and USSD menus service available via either a web based interface or an HTTP API.


This service is currently in our own BETA and as such access to this is only available on request and is limited to UK networks for the time being. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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